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CDO Magazine is proud to present the Global Data Power Women List 2024, a celebration of the extraordinary achievements of women in the field of data, analytics and AI. This list recognizes visionary leaders driving change, championing data-driven strategies, and making significant contributions to their organizations and the broader data community.

These exceptional women are not just leaders; they are mentors, innovators, and visionaries. Their work shapes the data landscape, breaks new ground, and paves the way for the next generation of women in data.

The Global Data Power Women List 2024 features women holding leadership positions in prominent companies, showcasing their strategic and operational excellence. While not exclusively from Fortune 500 companies, many of our honorees hail from these influential organizations, reflecting their pivotal roles in driving data initiatives at the highest levels.

Our 2024 honorees include members of the CDO Magazine Global Editorial Board, renowned for their thought leadership. The list also celebrates leaders who actively engage with the data community across platforms sharing insights and fostering a collaborative environment.

We are also proud to acknowledge some honorees from last year’s list who continue to impact and advance the field.

Join us in celebrating these inspiring women!


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