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Discover the insights that 180+ leading data management decision-makers are excited about in the groundbreaking report, "The State of Data Observability 2023."

This is the first definitive study into the data observability market conducted by CDO Magazine with Kensu.

Key Findings:

• Priority Spotlight: An astounding 84% of data management leaders have placed improving data quality and reliability at the top of their current priority list. 

• Data Visibility: 92% of these leaders agree that data observability is set to become a core component of their data strategy within the next 1-3 years.

• Data Challenges: Only 7% of data teams resolve data issues before they impact users. 
• Time Drain: Nearly 40% of data teams are spending between 20-40% of their time fixing data pipelines. 
• Preventive Power: An overwhelming 80% of respondents believe that it holds the key to preventing data issues.

Gain unparalleled insights, unlock data excellence, and stay ahead of the curve in today's data-driven world! Download the "The State of Data Observability 2023" report. 


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About Kensu.io 
Kensu’s Data Observability solution stops bad data from hurting your business. It allows data teams to drastically reduce risks and costs related to data incidents and helps them scale up value creation from their data. Its disruptive approach goes beyond simply scanning data files and collecting application logs. Kensu observes data where it counts: where and when the applications use it, putting data teams in control, troubleshooting data issues faster, and preventing them from propagating.

Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Belgium and Italy, Kensu has been chosen by some of the largest global enterprises to build trust and get the most out of their investment in data. Find out more at