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Opportunities & Predictions for 2024
Having witnessed groundbreaking advancements in technologies like generative AI, data leaders find themselves in a race to keep pace with innovation while balancing cautious optimism with the need for swift adoption.

Insights from the Frontlines

This CDO Magazine report is a window into the future crafted from the experiences of eight seasoned financial services data leaders. These experts delve into their reflections through buzzwords for 2023, and offer unique perspectives on opportunities and predictions for 2024. They also spotlight strategic approaches to AI innovation, providing actionable insights for all data leaders.


Our Contributors

  • Satya Choudary, Credit Suisse VP, Data Analytics
  • Tony Cyriac, former Charles Schwab CDO
  • Sudipto Ghose, Equifax VP, Enterprise Data & Analytics
  • Alex Golbin, Hudson Bay Capital Management CDO
  • Ali Khan, Experian SVP, CDO
  • Ioana Mazare, UPS VP, Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Alex Tait, BMO Financial Group U.S. CDO
  • Jim Tyo, Invesco CDO

What's Inside

1. Buzzwords That Defined 2023
2. Harnessing the Data Explosion
3. Predictions for 2024
4. Unveiling the AI Innovation Frontier
5. Staffing Strategies Amid the Evolving Landscape

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The report is a toolkit for data success. Whether you're a seasoned data professional or just stepping into your role, this is your guide to staying at the forefront of the data revolution.