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The Chief Data Officer's guide to digital transformation

Learn how data leaders at organizations like WeWork, DocuSign, Autodesk and more are eliminating data silos and unlocking innovation to deliver data-driven business decisions that increase revenue. 

This actionable roadmap delivers a structured approach to digital transformation. The four stages not only constitute a progression to unlock the value of data and improve data maturity but also highlight real-world use cases from companies like yours. 

One organization, Oldcastle Infrastructure, automated the movement of data to access enterprise-wide transactional, manufacturing, and production data in a single environment. The new capabilities improved business outcomes and led to an operating profit growth of 21.5% in one year.

Your takeaways:

  • How data centralization improves efficiency (Page 9)
  • The critical role infrastructure modernization plays in organizational agility (Page 15) 
  • Achieving data democratization to promote data literacy (Page 20) 
  • Why building data solutions unlocks innovation and data-driven products (Page 24) 

Whether you're a business leader, data professional, or simply interested in learning more about using data in proactive and innovative ways to drive enterprise growth, this guide is for you.

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